JobCentre Plus is a United Kingdom-based government-funded agency that provides people with employment aid as well as a place to go for their social security needs. The JobCentre Plus employment agency has offices that can be found in most cities throughout the United Kingdom, and its primary goal is to help people who are within working age years find employment. Jobcentre Plus was first formed as part of the benefits agency and was renamed its current name in 2002 and is a sector of the Department for Work and Pensions.

This employment agency is designed to help people who otherwise would not have the resources they need to find a new job by offering computer terminals, informative guides on their website, and even jobseeker direct which people can call and get assistance with their job search through someone on the phone. They also offer training and development opportunities for people who have been unemployed for a long time.

This employment agency which is government funded is also for people who need help getting back on their feet financially. They are designed to help give benefits to people who are actively seeking a job. This includes benefits like income support, incapacity benefits, and a jobseeker’s allowance so that an unemployed person can survive until they get a job.

When they first started and up until just a few years ago, JobCentre Plus was able to help job seekers that were already employed and those who were unemployed, but actively seeking out new employment. However, how the program is set up now is that they currently only help people look for jobs if they are currently unemployed, and they only give out benefits to people who are unemployed as well. Anyone can use the website or the phone number to help them find a job but can only make appointments and receive the extra benefits if they are not currently employed. Employers and other employment agencies can also put their newest job vacancies on the JobCentre Plus website by calling their number, Employer Direct. The vacancies that they post will immediately be updated on the websites so that people looking for jobs will have immediate access to it.

The goal of JobCentre Plus and the programs they provide, and the benefits they give to active job seekers, is to actually help as many people as possible who are an unemployed move away from having to use government and public-funded benefits and move into being employed and able to rely solely on what they make. The organization is set up better than it ever has been to help people get the training they need to get a great job and get benefits to survive until they find one.