Income Support is a government sponsored program which consists of providing assistance to individuals who are living on a fixed, low income. Individuals who are eligible for this benefit may be entitled to several other benefits, some of which include council tax reductions, carer’s allowance as well as assistance with health expenses.

In order for low income individuals to apply for this benefit, they must currently receive the severe disability premium in the present tense or received severe disability premium within the last month as to which they are still eligible to receive.

In addition to that prerequisite, individuals must demonstrate that they have little to no income, as well as less than £16,000 in their bank accounts. Individuals who are employed can receive this benefit if they are not employed full time and work less than 16 hours a week. Lastly, individuals must also demonstrate they are not eligible for Support and Employment Allowance nor Job Seekers Allowance.

When it comes to applying for this benefit via mail-in form or via income support telephone hotline, besides income eligibility, you can only apply for this benefit if you are between the ages of 16 and what is defined as being Pension Credit qualifying age and fall under one of several different categories such as being a lone parent with a child that is under 5 years old, pregnant, a single foster parent with a child that is younger than 16, a carer, student between the ages of 16 and 20 who partakes in full time education or an individual who is on paternity, parental or maternity leave for example.

Once you have met the prerequisites of income support, claimants can expect to receive a weekly personal allowance in the form of a basic payment as well as premiums in the form of extra payments. The amount you will receive for personal allowance is dependent on your age as well as your current status. For example, while a lone parent between the ages of 16-17 would receive approximately £57.90, a lone parent who is 18 or over would receive a weekly payment of £73.10

In regards to extra payments or premiums, you can get additional money depending on your unique circumstance if you are legally disabled, a caretaker or if your spouse is a pensioner. Once claimants have been accepted into this program, they will be provided with payments twice a month, which will go directly into their credit union accounts, or bank account via direct deposit.

The process of filing a claim for this benefit is pretty straightforward and can be done via the income support telephone number or by sending what’s known as a claim form to your nearest job center. Some of the details about your living situation that you will have to provide include the income of you and/or your spouse, information about the people who live with you, as well as the address of where you reside.