The Department of Work and Pensions oversees three major sectors of the United Kingdom‘s public service department. This includes child support maintenance, pension, and welfare. The DWP is responsible for distributing benefits to over 19 million people.

One responsibility of The Department for Work and Pensions is to tactfully approach the roots poverty. By assisting people and understanding the causes of extreme situations, DWP can motivate recipients to find efficient work. The department also encourages those with disabilities to find employment and seek independence. This nudge of motivation has helped numerous people garner the courage to enter the workforce. For individuals who reach the age at which they receive pension, the department helps plan for retirement and proper savings. This population of people may also receive a stipend depending on their circumstances. The DWP has also implemented the Health and Safety Executive. This policy helps reduce work related injuries; and provides guidelines for such occurrences.

The overall priority of DWP is to operate a welfare structure efficiently. By doing so, individuals may learn to be independent; and eventually find their path to employment. The Department of Work and Pensions also provides programs that teach long-term savings. This is important because it allows people to build security later in their lives. Another main priority for DWP is to enhance lives for children. The Department realizes that youth are normally in situations they have no control over. For this reason, DWP provides benefits and ongoing support for families with children.

There are various ways that the Department of Work and Pension provides service. This includes jobs plus, pension service, and child maintenance service as well. This component of public service also deals with disability allowance and personal independence finances. The Jobcentre Plus program aims to help people transition from receiving benefits to entering the workforce. This sector also helps jobs advertise available positions.

The Child Support Maintenance Service has the objective to give fiscal support to children’s daily living expenses. CSA determines how much the parent should pay; and also collects the money if an arrangement is not made. This sector of DWS also gives support to both parents and provides guidance throughout maintenance process.