Multi millions of people worldwide are born with or develop some type of disability during their lifetime. The government in many countries provide an income for their disabled residents in order that they can maintain a quality of life that will enable them to care for themselves, or be taken care of, in a manner of dignity. The money that is given to disabled persons is known by different names in different countries. In the United Kingdom, disabled people receive what is called a Disability Living Allowance. This payment is being replaced for people who are over the age of 16 years.

People under the age of 16 can continue to get the Disability Living Allowance, but for those who are older, they will need to apply for the Personal Independence Payment. This is mainly for the disabled person between the ages of 16 and the age when they are eligible to receive the state pension. Eligibility for the Personal Independence Payment is determined by date of birth. People born before April 8, 1948 will continue to receive the Disability Living Allowance, but for those who were born after April 8, 1948, their eligibility will end. A letter will be sent to patrons prior to the end date, and they are to do nothing until they receive the letter. Ample time will be given for application of the Personal Independence Payment.

People with unchanged circumstances will not do anything until the specified date on the latter. If there are significant changes to their disability, they will notify the proper personnel immediately. Once the letter is received about the Disability Living Allowance end, the recipient will have 28 days to apply for the alternative. If no action is taken by the patron, the Disability Living Allowance will continue until a decision is made by the issuing Department of Government. Eligible people will start getting the Personal Independence Payment as soon as the Disability Living Allowance ends.

Changes that could affect the Disability Living Allowance payment include the level of care that they receive. If they go into a hospital or nursing facility for more than four weeks, the Disability Service Center should be informed. Being imprisoned and going abroad for more than 13 weeks can also affect the Disability Living Allowance. Other details that should be reported to the center are if the patron has a change in their name, address, or their banking account. Sometimes, the doctor’ prognosis, or other details, will change, or the patron decides to stop receiving the payment. All of this should be provided to the Disability Service Center. They can be contacted thru their Disability Living Allowance contact number. It is important to report changes to avoid paying a penalty or repaying money that was overpaid.