The Child Tax Credit program is a program based out of the United Kingdom. With this program you can only make a new claim for Child Tax Credit if you are already enrolled in the severe disability program, otherwise, the Universal Credit program has begun to replace this program for most other people. If you are eligible for the Child Tax Credit program, the amount of money that you receive every month will be dependent on how many children you have and whether you are already on the Child Tax Credit program for another child, or if you are making a brand new claim. If you get approved for the program and are enrolled, the Child Tax Credit will not affect any Child Benefits. It is vitally important to remember that you can only get the Child Tax Credit for your biological children or children you have legal custody over.

Once you apply and are deemed suitable for the program, you will start receiving benefits from the Credit program; how much you receive from the program depends on when your children were born. If they were born before April 6, 2017, you can get the child element for all the children you have, as well as the basic amount that comes with the program which is known as the family element. If at least one or more of your children were born on that date or after it, you can still receive the child element for two or less of your kids, and the family element will only be applied if at least one of your children was born before April 6, 2017.

The amount you get also depends on what your circumstances are; the more you are the less you will be eligible to receive while the less you make will make you eligible to receive more.
If you are approved for the program and enrolled in it, you will receive payment of your benefits or your allowances straight to an account like your primary checking account at your bank. These payments will be made to the person who is directly responsible for taking care of the child. You will receive your payments every four weeks unless you have a change in circumstances at which time you must inform a Child Tax Credit worker, or you can call the Child Tax Credit helpline number for additional help.

You can only claim the Child Tax Credit benefits for children that you are fully responsible for. If you are unsure whether or not you qualify you can follow these guidelines: does the child live with you all of the time, are they normally with you and you are the main caregivers, do you pay for everything for their care with your own money? if the answer to these questions is yes, but you still need help, call the Child Tax Credit help number and someone can guide you through the process and have you hopefully enrolled in no time!