For various reasons, the parents of a youth may separate and no longer reside at the same residence. When this happens, the child is affected in numerous ways. Therefore, it is vital that co-parenting occurs in a healthy manner. When parents separate, this generally means that the child will now be living with only one parent. To supplement the loss of financial aid, child maintenance service is implemented for the parent who does not live with the child. This form of child support helps in various areas such as food and clothing.

Raising a child is a big responsibility. When two parents go their separate ways, it is important that the youth’s daily living expenses are maintained. When both partners can successfully agree on a child maintenance plan, this is considered family-based organization. However, if the parents are not able to come up with a plan amongst themselves, then they will have to apply for child maintenance payments. This varies from family-based arrangements because it involves application fees; as well as collection fees.

One benefit of child support services is that the agency may locate the other parent if the whereabouts are unknown. Child maintenance also calculates payments based on various factors such as income and current living expenses. If the paying parent has a change in their living situation, the payments can be adjusted accordingly. Regardless of the above factors, child maintenance services will reevaluate the amount being paid annually. If for any reason these payments become delinquent and are not being made, child services may also take legal action. To avoid disputes between parents, each case can also request a case manager to assure that things go smoothly.

The eligibility for child maintenance requires that the youth is under 16 years of age; or under 20 while partaking in full-time education. The application for child maintenance must be made by the parent the youth is living with, or the guardian that the child is living with. Children over 12 years old may also apply in Scotland. If the parent who would receive the payments does not live in the United Kingdom, these services may not be used.

In order to apply for child maintenance service, the applicant must provide details about the youth involved as well as both parents. Banking information is also requested for the processing of payments. the application fee is €20, however domestic violence victims do not have to pay this fee. The website: provides essential information about the application process and FAQs.